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Welcome to The Brand School, the best place to learn about the brands and products you are thinking of purchasing. Ever looked at a catalogue of products and wondered which was truly the best? Does that washing machine really offer the best cleaning solution, or is there another, better washing machine you haven’t heard of yet? Which brand will suite your lifestyle and your needs? Which product will look the best in your home and offer you the functionality you require? We are here to help.

At The Brand School, we want to educate readers about the different brands available and help you to select the best product for your needs. Different brands have different values and strengths. Let us show you which ones will be the best for you. We are here to save you time and effort, and to help you choose the right brand without all the fuss and worry that often accompanies choosing an appliance or branded product.

Experts know how a product must work and which specifications matter most, but for most of us it’s a guessing game. Many specifications seem important, but we can’t be sure which brand to trust and which product to choose. The Brand School wants to take away the uncertainty and fill you in on the details so that you can also make an expert choice.

Some of the products The Brand School will shed light on are ovens, fridges and freezers, washing machines and tumble dryers, mixers and blenders, and power tools. The Brand School will provide insight into brands and the products they offer. Brand shopping has never been this easy, quick, and affordable. The Brand Store offers you not only the best deals on brand products in South Africa, but the best Brand School in the country to make your life easier and ensure you purchase the product best suited to you.


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